KSHSAA State Piano Competitions (2016)

I participated in the KSHSAA regional piano competition and earned a #1 rating and was subsequently invited to compete in the KSHSAA state piano festival where I earned a #2 rating.

Piano Certificates
Piano Certificates

MIT Course in Python Programming (2015)

I registered for and successfully completed the MIT course entitled Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python during summer 2015. The course was taught by Professor W. Eric Grimson. The textbook was John V. Guttag, Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python (MIT Press, 2014).

MIT Programming

CAPS Certificate in Life: An Expedition (2014)

Completed a CAPS bioscience program during summer 2014. The program was entitled Life: An Expedition. CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) is a nationally recognized, innovative high school program for Blue Valley High School students. While in the program, "students fast forward into their future and are fully immersed in a professional culture, solving real world problems, using industry standard tools ..."

CAPS Course

Student Council Representative (2010-2011)

I was elected as my 4th grade class representative to the LKE Students Council
Student council

Letter from President Obama (2011)

I wrote to President Obama and was honored to receive a written reply back
Obama letter

Community Service Recognition (2011)

I actively volunteer for community services. I received the following certificate in 2011
Service certificate

National Geography Society

I am a proud member of the National Geography Society

Oxford School Diploma

I participated in a one-day Pioneer School and learned about pioneers coming to the US and their living style

Kindergarten Diploma (2007)!

Kindergarten certificate

Preschool Certificate (2006)!

I did really graduate from preschool :-)