Personal Interests and Activities


My father, Dr. Hossein Saiedian, is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Kansas. My mother, Dr. Zohreh Talebizadeh , is the director of Autism Research at the Children's Mercy Hospital, an Associate Professor at the University of Missouri at Kansas City and a Graduate Faculty at the University of Kansas.

I have an older brother, Ideen, who is an MBA candidate at the Cornell Johnson School of Business. Prior to starting his MBA, he attended the University of Southern California and worked at Oracle.

Iranian Human Rights Advocacy

I am heavily involved in human rights and democracy advocacy. Every year, I attend global summits, demonstrations, and gatherings dedicated to promoting human rights and freedom in Iran. I have had the opportunity to attend and speak at events in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, DC, and Paris alongside Iranian activists and American public figures. Listening to Iranian activists speak about their experiences has been very eye-opening and has instilled a deep passion and appreciation for human rights within me. Living in America and understanding the sacrifices made by Iranians like my parents, I feel an obligation to the voice of the voiceless in Iran.

As part of my advocacy, I have given several speeches, taken part in panel discussions, and written articles about Iran and Iran policy. My writing and speaking can be found on the writing/speaking page.


I love music. One of my hobbies is playing the piano, which I have done since around middle school. I primarily play classical Iranian music. I have performed on several stages at Iranian cultural events and at human rights conferences. Videos can be seen on the writing/speaking page.


In my free time, I love to stay active. I enjoy spending time at the gym playing basketball, working out, and swimming. When I'm not staying active, I like to listen to music and podcasts and reading.


  • Human Rights Activism
  • Classic Rock Music
  • Iranian Piano
  • Lakers Basketball
  • Fitness