Last Day at the Lakewood Middle School

With Principal Mr. Scott Currier (thank you Mr. Currier)

With Assistant Principal Ms. Annette Sauceda (thank you Ms. Sauceda)

With the LKMS Facilities Manager, Mr. Masoud (thank you Agha Masoud)

With one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Nathan Wood, my music teacher during the elementary and middle school years (thank you Mr. Wood)

My last day at the LKMS would not be memorable without my brother Ideen who completed his middle school studies at the same school

Last Day at the Lakewood Elementary School

With the LKES Principal Nancy Layton (thank you Mrs. Layton)

Shortly after saying goodbye to Mrs. Layton, I visited with Mr. Scott Currier who going to be my next year's principal at the LKMS